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Quatre (Trowa's koi) and the SD female/Youko Duo's puny fanfic shrine to GW!!!

**Two mysterious figures appear in a swirl of what some people would think was mist but was really dried ice. Ya know, like in Drangon Half?**

Strange/mysterious figure #1: Hi minna-sama!! Welcome to our hompage.....our webpage....our shrine....our fanfic, whatever it is!!! I'm the SD female/Youko Duo!! And this is Quatre (Trowa's KOI)!!

Quatre: Hi!! ^.^ Welcome!!

Duo (aka strange/mysterious figure #1): uh... right.

Quatre: There's plenty of stuff on us and plenty on our koi's!! TROWA!!!! ^.^ TROWA!!!!

Duo: **pats Quatre on the head** It's ok, Quatre. Calm down. **Turns back to people** We also have stuff on Wu-chan. And Treize and Zechs and other misc people. Wai!!

Quatre: So I hope you enjoy your stay!! Come back and visit us again!! ^.^

Duo: By the way, minna-sama, a lot of the stuff on here Quatre and I might have unintentionally stole. If you don't want it on here or want credit, just tell us. And don't sue us for god's sake!!!!!! We're just a bunch of innocent fan grrrls!!! Oh, and its mostly (if not all) shonen ai stuff. Ok, all. If you don't know what that means, go find out. Flames will not be appreciated!!!

Our Fanfics!! Wai!!

The Janice Springer Show!! alter uni/parody, finished (!!!!), shonen ai (1x2/3x4)

The Second Janice Spriger Show!! The one for Wu-chan!! alter uni/parody, FINISHED!!!!!!, shonen ai (1x13x5)

note: A must NOT see for Wu-fans unless they have a good sence of humor...

The Revenge of the Big talkers: an obvious parody. shonen ai (1x2/3x4), finished (finally!!), parody (....duh?)

Heero's English Lesson parody, Finished! ^.^

Room for Four shonen ai (1x2/3x4), crossdressing, alter uni, finished (!!!)

Room for Four... and some more!!^^ second half of "room for four", shonen ai(1x2/3x4), alter uni, finished (!!!)

GWB 1 finished, shonen ai (1x2/3x4), parody

Uh... this is actually a whole bunch of fics... or at least it will be. Right now there is a grand total of one... just go read it...

The party

Quatre:^.^ Trowa wrote this!!! It's REALLY funny!!! ^.^ You must read!!!

Duo: *grumbling* Easy for you to say, Quatre-chan! You don't get bashed!!!

Wu-chan: *mumbles* Trowa... omae o korosu... and... I'm not over stressed! I dropped that extra class!

Duo: *sweatdrops* Um... Wu-chan? Maybe I shouldn't of had you read that fic... but it is really funny, minna. You ought to read it. Even if Tro-chan does bash me an' Wu-chan a lot...

Wu-chan: WoMaN!! I know where you live, I know your phone #, I know your birthday... I SIT next to you in class!!! Be prepared and scared... wahhh don't punch me again! STOP throwing forks!!!!!!

Duo: *mutters to self* This the absolute last time I have you over, man...

Wu-chan: Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku...!!!! *redecorates Trowa's room with butterflies, then chases around gleefully in nataku with a whole nest of butterfly larvaes ready to hatch...* Bwhaahahahaha! Woman, learn never to mess with me!!

Duo: *sweatdrops and runs away*

Trowa: Two can play this game . . . If youse guys ain't careful, I just might start acting like Cody Jarrett.

Quatre: Trowa, who is Cody Jarrett?

Duo: And how the heck did you get our password?!?!?! Bastard...

Quatre: Hey!! You can't talk to Trowa like that!!

Duo: *mumbles to self under breath*

untitlednew!!! and unfinished


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