High Prairie Outfitters

Big Game, Pheasant, Turkey, Waterfowl, Varmits, Geese, Outfitters

David Ciani
11904 Crook City Road
Whitewood, SD  57793
Fax: 605-578-1106
Email: highprairie@basec.net

"We Go To Where The Game Is"

We will hunt various locations in South Dakota and Nebraska for Pheasant, Ducks, Geese, Sharptail Grouse, Prairie Chicken, Turkey, Elk, Deer, and Antelope. We use quality dogs; Pointers and Retrievers.


Families and person with disabilities welcome.
(We specialize in first time hunters, handicapped, children, and families.)

Dave Ciani, the owner of "High Prairie Outfitters" , a long standing member of the South Dakota outfitters Association, has a degree in Fish, Wildlife and Parks and extensive work and education in wildlife management.

Dave is an excellent caller, tracker, teacher, and coach. Dave has won the "Presidents Award" from a Fortune 500 company and knows how to work with people and help them accomplish their goals.

Your satisfaction and enjoyment is his reward. Dave will put you into the game.

Let "High Prairie Outfitters" make your hunting dreams come true.

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