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Here is a review of our 7" in Spoiled Whine Zine #11:

OFTG play eerie hardcore/punk that will send shivers down your spine. This is a fairly long 7" with 4 songs on here. I thought it was pretty good. Give this a try if your curious. (Wes)

Contact: Spoiled Whine Zine.

Here is a review of our 7" in MaximumRocknRoll #185:

Real impressive release here, folks. Hardcore that moves along at a steady pace, but conveys a darkness and mood that a band usually has to plod along to get out. Periodically they introduce some time changes, but nothing so fancy that it wrecks the overall punch. Their politics and approach (though not their sound) really remind me of the incredible MAN AFRAID. (TH)

Here is a review of our 7" in HeartattaCk #20:
(Just so you all know, we're not from Minneapolis -- we're from Aberdeen, SD. We only recorded in Minneapolis.
Just thought I'd clarify that.)

Political punk rock from Minneapolis played by a four piece band. There are two guitars, but it's not really noticeable as the songs are simple and repetitious. The music is a back drop for the vocals which are hoarsely shouted. Topics addressed are jingoism, following a leader, environmental and social degradation, and sexism. No new insights are provided. The photos inside the sleeve suggest that One For The Gipper! play an energetic live show, which did not transfer to vinyl. (SJS)

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