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------------------ ex- and current members ------------------

I'm going to copy what the Discrepancies did and list who's in the band now and who has been in it in the past. Maybe nobody cares but I'll waste my time doing this anyway.

Current Members:
  • Jolt -- bass, vocals
  • Jamie -- guitar
  • Aych. -- guitar, vocals
  • Justin -- drums
  • Mike -- drums, vocals
  • Nick -- drums

Jolt used to be in the Panics(guitar, vocals), and the Discrepancies(guitar), and most recently Houseboy(guitar-California)

Jamie is in the Discrepancies(vocals)

Aych. used to be in the Discrepancies(guitar), Driftwood(guitar-Rapid City), Junk(guitar-Rapid City), Boomshanka(guitar-Rapid City), and the Varnethane Girls (guitar-Rapid City)

Nick used to be in Long Division I think(vocals)

Mike used to be in the Discrepancies(drums)

Justin is in Redscare(bass, vocals)

So as you can see, the original line-up (Jamie, Jolt, Aych., and Mike) were all in the Discrepancies at one time and actually played 2 shows with that line-up:

  1. in Minot, ND with Rail, Man Afraid, and the Panics
  2. in Sioux Falls, SD with Total Chaos, Battalian of Saints, and the Panics