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Pity the Fool

Patriotic slogans -- hook, line, and sinker. You'll believe anything, you'll fall for anything. Your naivety is their strength -- what you don't know won't hurt you. Your subordination is their strength -- played for the fool under their rule. Your compliance is their strenth -- adherence to policy's a must. It's in their best interest. Start at the bottom, you're too dumb for the top -- and you'll like it there. Stand up straight -- wipe that smirk off your face -- they'll make a man out of you yet. Take the hand and help them take the land which they've a vested interest in -- start the killing. Killed for the dollar, killed for their greed. They don't feel the pain, they won't see you bleed.
You're fighting for whose freedom?
You're fighting for whose rights?
You're fighting for their own interests.
You're fighting to advance their careers.
The protrayal's appealing but they're not revealing all that should be disclosed. "You'll have a rewarding experience", another empty promise -- disguised as duty to attract more sheep. When you realize they lied to you, they targetted you, they suckered you -- it'll be too late, your life is their's for four years. Good luck to you, I pity you.
Be all you can be, see all you can see.
Get and edge on life when you take another's life.
Find your future nowhere. Give up your life, but don't care.
Stand up and be proud. Become one of the crowd -- DEAD.
Monkey See...

Brainwashed from birth, our minds are not our own. Do as we're told, more sheep are born. Follow the leader is not a game -- it's how we live. We're mindless animals taught not to take but only give. Never questioning, never wondering. We're led to the water and we willingly drink. Innocent minds molded like clay. Formed into sh#t -- we know no other way.
Another generation -- and nothing's changed.
Blind devotion -- belief through misinformation.
Instill the stereotypes in our minds. Teach us to hate all but our own kind. Your bias becomes ours without us even knowing. Blindly accepting -- misled by trust. You can't teach what you don't know -- listened to the untruths, believed the untruths. "It's not our fault, but so it seems." People will think whatever they deem.
Victimize people simply because their actions or appearances you don't agree with. What did they do to you, have you seen them before? You don't know anything about the people you hate. How can you have such strong feelings toward someone you don't even know? Your lack of intelligence shows.
Regression, stagnation.
Your anger consumes you.
You're not only hurting others, you're hurting yourself too.
Your behavior negates you!

Looking for explanations of things unknown. Desperation can push us too far. No more hope, we're vulnerable. Warm acceptance -- like family. Once convinced, complete devotion. Found the truth, it's a lie!!!
I've got a plan, I'll start my own religion. I'll promise a better life -- unlike life on Earth. I'll overwhelm you with my (un)common sense insight. You'll be amazed with all that I know. There's just one catch though (nothing's free) -- you must give me everything you own in order to be saved.
We're not crazy -- we're enlightened, you'll see. What we know isn't hard to grasp, you must only give up your ability to think for yourself. Please don't try to change our minds. We've never before felt so content. It's amazing how much we have in common. Come to think of it, we even look alike!
Pack your bags, the ship is coming. Bring 5 bucks it'll be well spent. Eat your applesauce, have a vodka chaser. Put a bag over your head -- you can breathe better. But most important, don't forget your Nike shoes!!!
Why did we believe him? How could we be so gullible? When did we stop thinking for ourselves? Where will we go now?
Rico Suave

Invitation to sexism. Invitation to chauvanism. Invitation to unfaithfulness. If you believe the lies, you get them all. Unaware of your intentions. Unaware of your advances. Their innocence is your challenge. Once you've taken that, they're of no use to you. Left wondering what they did to deserve the humiliation. Left wondering what they did to deserve the embarrassment. One of the many -- so gullible -- only wishing the words were true. "Yeah baby, I'll call you. I love you."
What are your reasons?
For causing so much pain?
They're not justified!
See through their eyes, feel their pain, see through their eyes, STOP!!!
Oppression in a Pill

I could be dead for all I know -- my system's controlled by my consumption. A pill to take me away from my life -- and one to bring me back when you need to pull strings. Prescribed dependency I can't live without -- I now need your "wisdom" to lead a normal life. Without suppression I'd leave myself to ruin. Or depression -- or I'd just be different? Is that the scare? Or is industry really concerned? The juggernaut brought to sympathy

I trusted you to help me. I was wrong! Or did I pay for prepackaged service? A disposition for a favored state of mind.

Is the intention to cure or does the dollar sign persuade -- an obligation to perform with who to gain? Convinced that if I fall, you need to intervene -- fall once you'll pick me up and keep me up with chains. Oppression in a pill. A safe cage to keep you a slave -- with pockets to fill. Those, your saviours, keep the key. Reliance on manufactured will.

How is my progress being measured? The rules are made up as you go along. What designates the resolve of my condition? When your wallet is full, then I'll be o.k. On your account, how much worth do I have -- as my identity is folded into your pocket? I'm expendable commodity? How dare you! Give my identity back!
Whose End?

Ability unhindered by threat. Encouragement will foster success. Imagination unrestrained. Nuture development, attain fulfillment. Paint a picture -- what is seen? Another's perspective. Another's insight. Find some meaning -- cling to that. Attach your own explanation. Attach your own truth.

The trees do tremble. Their air is polluted. Interupt the growth. Your means = their end. Poison the soil. Disregard effects. Results foreseen. Your means = their end. Experiment in dissolution. Not surprised in the end. What is learned isn't new. All of this and for what? The leaves are browning. Soon they fall. You've succeeded. Your means = their end. Add to the pile. Ever growing. How much is enough? Your means = their end.

Your words are lies. Fueled by your conceit. Derivative of you -- life incomplete. Further your agenda, at their expense. Laugh at their plight -- Selfish existence. Feed off of your false sense. Your need to suppress. Decency superceeded. Your ugliness is apparent. Authority misspent. Contemptible persona. Can you repent? Uncharacteristic.

Witness foliage regrowth. Your efforts failed. Example of hypocrisy. Your end is bleak.


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