Upon Silent Wings prologue
By Darkness and Light(darkness_and_light@hotmail.com)

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, their characters, story and associated trademarks are properties of their respective owners. I in no way claim these characters as mine nor have I made money from it.

     Bitter tears fell onto one of the illuminated screen lining the shadow filled cockpit. Ragged gasps cut the silence as a hunched figure tried and failed to repress his emotions. The salty stream traced a line down his cheek and gathered at the precipice of his chin, hanging for a moment, then vanishing into the darkness.

     Duo Maxwell shuddered as waves of despair washed over him, his body flinching under the assault. He squeezed his eyes shut, a meaingless attempt to block out the memories as words burned themselves into his mind.

     -...under attack by an unknown force. Virgo squads seven thru eleven have been annihilated. Libra has taken heavy damage. We can't..." The unknown officer's voice vanished into a see of static.

     "Farewell, tell Catherine..." Trowa was cut off as the ponderous form of Heavyarms blurred and was consumed in a blinding flash of energy.

     A fist lashed out and slammed into a monitor, a spiderweb of cracks emerging. Fragments of glass mixed with blood fell away, flecks of crimson covering white knuckles.

     "NO! Trowa!" Quatre's throat caught, his quiet weeping a lone voice in the orchestra of screams from the dying.

     ...Wing Zero paused in midstrike to take in the death blooms marring the dark blackness. Heero released a scream of impotent fury before his vision was filled with white...

     Deathscythe's pilot watched as the stars themselves burned themselves to nonexistance and soon he was alone in a sea of night. With a trembling hand he reached towards the console, his eyes sliding shut as he prepared for oblivion.

     "All is not lost Duo Maxwell." His eyes snapped open and focused upon a cloaked figure, his dark flowing robes filling. the cockpit.

     "I am the Wiseman." Duo peered into the depths of his hood but only found an endless void. It pulled at his soul, Duo could feel his hold slipping away as he stared into the bottemless pools of nothingness. "I will give you the ones who did this, their actions have destroyed your reality. Soon, there will be nothing for you."

     "Iie," Duo lifted his head, his emotion clouded eyes were now clear and gleamed with an unholy light. "One thing remains for the Shinigami, the God of Death." His lips thinned, his face contorting into a sardonic mockery of his characteristic grin.


     "Usagi, stop it! Are you listening to me?" Luna sighed in exasperation and hung her head. I swear, sometimes I think that she would have more sense if her head really was a meatball!

     Usagi giggled happily as she seemingly bounced around the room. Finally, after the crisis with the Makaiju, Mamoru's was hers once again. She sighed dreamily, a sigh of bliss and contentment. Mamoru had asked her to meet him at the park for a picnic so they could discuss their future together. She could see it all now, a quiet meeting in the park, a romantic boat ride, oh Mamo-chan...

     Sensing the futility of her efforts, Luna turned to peer out the window at the dark sky. That girl, sometimes she wondered how Usagi could be so ditzy and bubbleheaded one moment, and be wise and selfsacrificing the next. She only wished that the competent and dedicated young woman would emerge for less then a world threatening crisis.

     A shooting star danced at the edge of her vision, blazing across the heavens, then was gone. Luna shivered despite the night's warmth.

    It was a bad omen.

(End prologue)