Misato wept over the empty plugsuit. Tears of loss dripped off her chin and mixed with the LCL pooled on the deck.

     Akagi Ritsuko gazed dispassionately at her longtime friend as she cradled the garment to her chest while softly calling her ward's name. She turned to look at the monstrosity that had stolen the Third child.


     A man made god forged from the flesh of Adam and cast in the image of the soulless beings it was created to combat. The grinning death head silently mocked her. It's emerald eyes seemed to pierce the barriers she had errected around her soul and laid it bare for the world to see.

     Failure! Like mother like daughter.

     Her hands clenched into tight fists at her side before she reestablished control. As Akagi Naoko, her mother, had been powerless to save Ikari Yui, so was she to save Yui's child.

     Her eyes flicked to the bridge. Ikari Gendo was unperterbed by the emotions of the moment, calm and collected. No flicker of emotion betrayed the visage of his face, no movement escaped his steely control.

     "Power down the grid and return Unit-01 to its cage. Contact the Marduke Institute to begin the search for a replacement pilot."

     The words came evenly and devoid of any emotion. Heartless bastard. His son was lost forever and his only concerns for Unit-01 and his precious Human Completion Project.

     The taste of wet ashes filled her mouth as she turned to her assistant. Maya cried profusely, streams of tears falling from her eyes to impact on an illuminated monitor. Makoto and Shigeru bore grim looks on their faces as they too grieved for the child they had guided into battle so many times. Ritsuko bent over a flashing console to give the order.

     "Return EVA Unit-01 to it's cage and activate a freeze on it."

     Misato's body was racked with sobs as the beast descended. The metal bay doors slammed shut with a finality that echoed though the empty base as Misato's wrenching cry cut through the air.


The More Things Change part 1
By Darkness and Light(darkness_and_light@hotmail.com)

Disclaimer: Shin Seiki Evangelion its characters, story and associated trademarks are properties of their respective owners. I in no way claim these characters as mine nor have I made money from it.

     :Who are you?

     I am lonliness.

     I am alone.

     I am in the middle of a crowd. I shout but no one hears me.

     :Who are you?

     I am Ikari Shinji.

     That's me.

     Third Child.

     Pilot of Evangelion Unit-01.

     :Why are you crying?

     I don't want to fight.

     I hate fighting.

     I don't want to pilot.

     I don't want to hurt my friends.


     Father don't make me hurt Toji!







     So red.


     Toji's blood.

     The color of anger.

     The color of Unit-02 also.



     Why do you hate me?



     Get away.

     Run away.

     Run away.

     I musn't run away.

     I musn't run away.

     I musn't run away.

     I must run away.

     I must run away.

     I must run away.


     :Who are you trying to run from?

     The world.


     :Anta baka? Go away Third Child, you've been replaced by the new model.


     :Hey Shinji, I thought you were my friend. Friends don't hurt friends, like how you hurt me and my sister. I hate you.


     :Shinji if you don't want to pilot, go back to your Uncle's house. We don't need you.


     :Pilot Ikari, we'll just rewrite Unit-01's program for Rei. Goodbye.


     :I have no son. I only have a pilot. Leave. The First and Second Child are sufficient. I do not need you.


     :Who are you?

     I am myself.

     I am nothing.

     I am not needed.

     I want to vanish.

     No one wants me.

     Let me leave!

     :So shall it be.

     Darkness filled Shiji's vision as he openned his eyes, then slowly the room faded into view. He was lying on the shore of a lake, his legs half submerged beneath a thick amber liquid. A sharp coppery faste lingered on his lips, the all too familiar taint of LCL.

     Shinji stood and gazed over the lake's motionless surface, an errant gust of wind playing upon his bare skin. The faint echoing of a splash in the distance filled the room. Where am I he wondered. The Central Dogma, somehow he knew. How he knew he couldn't explain. How did he know how to breathe? He just did.

     He shivered as the chill of the room began to seep in. Glancing around, he saw nothing but the metallic shoreline, but as he was about to concede defeat a glimmer of color caught the edge of his vision. Slowly at first, he began to walk then gradually broke into a run.

     Lying on the ground like a discarded doll, was his blue and white plugsuit. Not questioning his good fortune, he gratefully donned it.

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