"Ladies and gentlemen! What a match this is! Never before in the his..." The announcers voice was overwhelmed by the roar of the crowd. Every seat in the Pokemon Stadium was filled, the stands overflowing. Cries of awe and dismay echoed through the crowd as the battle unfolded before them.

     "Sandslash! Fury swipes attack!"

     "Blastoise! Hydro pump now!"

     The dual cries echoed through the massive arena. Great craters and rips covered the field and shattered rock was strewn across the landscape. Bare patches where fire had blacked and burned the ground still smoldered and smoked.

     The grass was torn once more as water burst forth from the cannons on the Blastoise's back. The Sandslash was caught in mid-rush and slammed into a the wall. Hairline fractures appeared then widened into ragged gashes as the inner barrier separating the stands from the field collapsed upon the battered Pokemon.

     "Sandslash is out of the match. The winner...Gary Oak!"


Dark Master part 1
By Darkness and Light(darkness_and_light@hotmail.com)

Disclaimer:Pokemon, its characters, story and associated trademarks are properties of their respective owners. I in no way claim these characters as mine nor have I made money from it.

     The spectators milled uncertainly, confused by the latest turn of events. Understanding returned as the the unfamiliar young man walked to one of the platforms. Whom ever the young man was, he was clearly challenging the champion, Gary. Boos errupted from the crowd as they jeered and taunted the challenger. Gossip ran through the crowd as to the young man's identity. Who was he? Where was he from? What Pokemon did he have?

     Two members of the crowd remained silent through the hazing. A brown skinned young man with short spiked hair and a young woman with short red hair bound in a topknot.

     "So, Ash has returned after all this time." The redhead gave a small, nearly imperceptible nod but remained silent. The young man tried again, "He's different, you can feel it. I'm sure now that..." The girl fixed him with a hard flat stare that froze the words in his throat as he prepared to speak them. Silently, Brock and Misty returned their gazes to their old friend who was now mounting the platform.

      (End part 1)