Submission Guidelines

If you have written any Buffy and Angelus fiction and would like to submit to this site that's GREAT! But first I DO have some requirements (not many) and they are as follows:

1. It MUST be B/A(us) orientated.

QUESTION: What if my story starts with Angelus but ends with him regaining his soul and being Angel, can I still submit? ANSWER: I'm sorry but no. I don't have anything against Angel, in fact I love him, but even as evil as Angelus was...he still got me, hence this site.

QUESTION #2: What if my story starts with Angel but ends with him losing his soul and being Angelus, can I still submit? ANSWER: Oh definitely!

2. It must be of an adult-natured theme.

QUESTION: My story doesn't have any sex scenes but it definitely isn't a goody-goody rated G. Will you consider it adult? ANSWER: Without a doubt! As long as it deals with adult situations, it will be more than welcome here. By the way, NC-17s are always appreciated but not neccessary. Sometimes the seduction of the mind is far more erotic than the seduction of the body.

3. No Angelus or Buffy Slash. The rest of Sunnydale can slash it if they want, but just not these two.

4. Send your file to me at my e-mail address in text format. On the subject line, please type "Submission Request" or something to that effect. Also please be sure to put a space between each paragraph, so that it's easier for me to format. If you want to denote inner thought please type it as *thought* or 'thought' so that I can format it accordingly.

That's it! Please send in your work so that together we can make this an incredibly erotic site.

Your Hostess, Claudia D. Christian

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