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I just got a chance to do an interview with one of my buds Keif AKA Keith Pun from the band Rubberman. I met him on a ski trip last winter. What turned out to be a freak coincidence was that years ago, Brent purchased an amp second hand from a guy in the west island..and on the distortion pedal the word "Rubberman" was written accross in liquid paper..years later we meet Keif so i guess it was we go: :

white = Keif
black = Stefan

S - what's up dood?
K - not much, just hanging out at home. kinda bored actually.
S - want to do the interview?
K - if you want to do it now we can, i have nothing else ta do. shoot.
S - cools. ok so let's start it off with some basic stuff like name and age and where you're from...
K - I'm Keif. I'm 25 and from Montreal. West Island to be more specific. That's right... I'm a spoiled surburbanite
S - from the've been playing for a long time right? i mean guitar...
K - Yeah.... I mean, I play with myself too, but I've been playing guitar for way longer than that. My parents had to force me to play. They would sit down and watch me pratice and shit, but when I jerk off I usually do it in privacy. I feel less akward that way
S - so i'm guessing you are pretty good at solos..... your parents forced you to play guitar? were you one of those kids that bugged their parents for one and then left it on the side to collect dust..then you parents would get all mad and like force you to play?
K - I started on the accordian. True story. My fingers were too small for the guitar. I started playing on a classical guitar. I didn't study clasical music, but I started my genral guitar playing on a nylon stringed guitar cause it was easier to press on the strings. I never asked to play guitar. I was totally forced. After a while I put it down and then a buddy of mine introduced me to Cinderella and Poison when I was 14. THEN I begged for an electric guitar.
Oh.... And I suck at solos. I don't even know why I bother putting some in our tunes.

S - cool. cause my dad forced me to play too ..he used to have a little guitar collection but i was never interested....i eventually got into it and taught myself how to rock... did you ever have "rock hair"?
K - Sure did. It was more like a hockey cut. Just long in the back. So bad... I looked like a fucking dork.
S - you guys are pretty much becoming celebrities right now....lot's of fans and a video on the do you feel about all this?
K - It hasn't really happened yet so I can't really say. As to how things are right now? Some days are shit, some days are good. Overall I wouldn't say there's too much to complain about. Mo money would be nice. Gotta drink and smoke weed, y'know?
S - money is always good! how was the video shoot?
K - It was awesome. We had such a great time. We left Montreal the day before the shoot. We drove up in our van. We'd just bought it second hand and named it Robert after one of the other artists on our label (Robert Vann). We were gonna call it the Rubbervan, but Robert seemed more apropriate. We tried to get some sleep the night before the shoot once we arrived in TO, but we were too excited. We slept from 1 to 3:30 and decided it was time for breakfast. We had to be on set for 6 and we wrapped up at 11 at night. It was a lot of waiting around while the crew did all the set ups from location to location, but it was all worth it. It'll be out March 6th.
S - sounds good, i'm looking forward to it! if i had a van i would decorate it to look like the A-Team's van. that was one sick ass van. speaking of the A-Team, what are you feelings and thought's about Mr.T?
K - Funny that you ask cause we had that exact conversation during our mini tour of ONT. I brought up the fact that Mr. T had a detective show after A-Team. It was called T and T, I think. Yeah.... He's cool. He's like a pimped up Gary Coleman.
S - yeah TandT ..he would always wear a suit in that show...and glasses ... damn it has been a while...gotta love those 80's shows
K - Jack Tripper from Three's Company. The almighty pimp daddy.
S - 2 chicks in an apartment...
K - yes
S - what was the deal with that show anywyas..he just lived there? and their pervert landlord would always come chill with them??
K - 2 chicks = 4 tits
He was a chef. Nothing like home cookin'. I think his specialty was pussy.

S - hahahahah!
K - I'm serious.
S - ...yeah the last time i saw chris the bassist was at that ski trip last year..he was he has hair...explain
K - He looked like a fucking retard so he grew his hair. Easy. I went through the same shit with my hair. I used to shave my balls... I mean my hair all the time.
S - haha .... yeah i was thinking of doing that too but i backed it's all in head i mean. just gonna end it with some shout outs ..... anyone you want to thank, give props to etc?
K - Props to my rubberboys, Jimbo, and my girl, Mel.
S - coo' thanks for the interview

to keep up to date on rubberman, check out their wessite at

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