Back to the News Page These links are of sites that I'm visiting frequently. If your links not up don't worry. I'm willing to have anybodies link up really. If you got a Blink or punk page let me know. As long as you have a link to my page I'll put a link for your page up.

I'll also put up links for your band. You don't have to put a link to my page up, just show me some love (a tape or something would be cool 'ya know?). When you e-mail me about putting a link to your band's page up make sure there is a bio in the e-mail so I can put it up on the page.


The Official Blink 182 Page This page looks really cool and has all the important information. News isn't updating a lot, but what do you think my page is for?

Nick Riemoni's Page This is definitely the best Blink page in existense. Make sure this is the first fan site you think about checking out.

KillGirl/Twiggee's Page Her page is awesome and so is she. Check out her page because its got all kinds of cool shit. Also I'd like to thank her for all she's done for me!

Crappy Punk Rock (the Ultimate Page) This page is becoming a dominate force. Its really good and gets more hits than Tonka. Check it out its worth your time. Even though the creator is a real dick (Just kidding. I talk to him often and he's really great.)

Rabbithole A new page that I might have a part of in the future. Check it out and tell me if you think it would be a good investment for me to take a part of it.

Sporkq69's PageCool page.

MCA Records Page This is the band's labels site. Nowhere near complete, but probably will keep you very much informed.

Blink 182 Net What can I say? You just have to check it out.

Kung Fu Page They released Buddha--now check out their page for Blink info and Kung Fu band info.

Matt Kelly's Super Unofficial Blink 182 Homepage Good info and cool layout.

NOT Crappy Punk Rock I've had trouble viewing this page as of late, but still try and check it out.

?? Page I haven't visited it in a while. Check it out and tell me if its good.

Blink @ Estein As I recall: a very good page. This page is really good if you want to get some info on Blink's new album. Very complete with lyrics and sounds.

Blink 182 FAQ Some questions answered about Blink.


Loser Kids Blink's official merch store. Get shirts and music.

CDNow's Blink 182 CDs CDNow is the most safe online store you could want. Plus they have a huge selection. They have Blink imports, shirts, and a lot of hard to find compilations that Blink appeared on.


Unwritten Law Blink had toured so much with these guys and I'm sure you'll see the two together more in the future. Their music is great. Their third CD "Unwritten Law" is such a diverse and terrific album. Check them out or you'll never be satisfied by music ever!

Rory's Page (the Impossibles and the Stereo) Rory is the greatest musician ever. His old band the Impossibles never produced a song that sucked (they only released one full length and an EP). Now Rory has a new band THE STEREO which from the songs I've heard is even better. Check this page out.



Warped Tour Blink's done three years of the tour, so something must be done right.

Brendan's Punk Page A lot of good Blink info and info on thousands of (or less) punk bands.

Punk Etc. They designed the Blink page and they have a cool page themselves.


I'm currently on the street teams for the following bands and labels. Check these things out because they are really cool and put out quality music.

Kottonmouth Kings Merging punk-rap-weed into a ball of fun party or pit music. Their first LP "Royal Highness" is on Capitol so you should get your ass to the store and pick it up.

SRH Productions They have good relationships with bands like Less Than Jake, The Offspring, and Unwritten Law. Check their page out. They are always open to new street teamers.

Hyper Productions I just joined this team but they are good relationships with a lot of bitching bands like Eastcide and Staind.

Vebena Another newer group to my street team list. They are very good though. Dave Grohl produced their new cd "Into the Pink" coming soon.