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The current ROLLING STONE with the Backstreet Boys on the cover contains a 3 page article on the band. Mark also reveals his top 5 albums of the year which includes the Get Up Kids, Filter, and the Foo Fighters...The band's 2 videos off "Enema" made it on MTV's Top 99 Videos of 1999. "Whats My Age Again" was up in the 40's I believe, while "All the Small Things" was in the low teens (around 14)...The band is currently touring Australia, and will do some European dates. Check for dates. They are rumoured to be touring this summer with the Bloodhound Gang and Crystal Lame and others on a new package tour which will feature Blink and Bloodhound Gang as headliners, with more bands and comedians added. Its suppose to be a fun show with cool music...Sorry for the lack of updates. Computer failures, the holidays, and work have kept us away from keeping up with the news. We're just know getting back on the right foot. Please start sending news again...Somewhere over the lack of updates "Enema of the State" became DOUBLE PLATINUM...A single for ALL THE SMALL THINGS is coming soon in the US.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

In case you didn't know the Shake, Rattle, and Roll CD is out and features Mark and Tom doing "Dead Man's Curve." Its a really cool song, and they pull it off really well. It reminds me of the Beach Boys, but it's a Jan and Dean song, so if you've heard them that gives you a better idea to the sound. Go pick up the disc.


"THE URETHRA CHRONICLES" is hitting your store on November 30th. This home movie will feature all of Blink's videos (like M+M's, Dammit, Josie), 45 minutes of backstage footage, and more from the world of Blink. This is a BLINK HOME MOVIE. This was confirmed TO ME FIRST by MCA. The suggested retail price is around $14, so there's no reason that you shouldn't be at the store buying it. Again November 30th. Now everybody with a Blink site can post this without giving me credit (that was sarcasm. If you use this please have a link to the Blink News Page. Be cool.) And so you don't have to ask, the urethra is the tube that urine comes out of.

New Year's Eve?

*** This is in fact true. Blink will be in New York City for New Year's eve and will be playing some songs. This MTV live telecast is being dubbed "Fly 2K" and also features Goo Goo Dolls, 98 Degrees (both of which will be flying around in a plane to different time zones--Blink will not be), and Christina Algulera. This is very true, unless Blink would happen to cancel. The show in Chicago is on December 4th, not New Year's.

The Road Home

A new MTV show called "The Road Home" is scheduled to debut later this year, and Blink will be featured in an episode. The show goes to a band's hometown and does interview with people. Blink's family and some people like the Poway area were interviewed. Blink also did a surprise show at Travis' store which MTV filmed to air for the show. About 200 people showed up for the secret show.


The show will air on Saturday November 13 on MTV. Blink will be on the MTV Sports and Music festival. The show will be taped on October 23rd. Look for them to do a couple of songs.

Next Single...

The band will be relasing either "Going Away To College" or "Adam's Song" as the next single from Enema of the State. It seems they are leaning towards "Going Away To College," but "Adam's Song" hasn't been counted out. Don't look for that for a while however, since "All the Small Things" is still gaining steam on radio and MTV. It appears from rumours that they will do a video in December and release it in early 2000.


The Latest Details: Magazine for men has a little article about how rock musicians prepare for the future. Mark is in it. Here is his quote:

"Short of being the Rolling Stones, the career of the average band lasts less than 10 years. When the bloom is off the rose, who's going to hire somebody for his ability to make a bong out of a guitar tuner and a toilet paper roll? So SEP (simplified employee pension) IRAs were our first investment. They will support us in our golden years and are a great tax deduction in the first place. God bless American.
There's also the website that Tom and I started, Its an online store for the skate-punk community, selling cool boards and clothes for girls and guys. I mean, shit, those Yahoo guys are millonaries. Why not me and Tom?"

All the Small Things import

You should see this showing up in your local store soon. The import is "PART THREE OF BLINK LIVE IN LA" and has live versions of "Dammit" "Family Reunion" and "I Won't Be Home For Christmas."


Here you go, the latest tour dates. The US shows are with Silverchair and Fenix Tx up until 11/20.

10/23 Los Vegas, NV @ Sports and Music Festival
10/29 Irvine, CA @ Bren Center
10/30 San Diego, CA @ Cox Arena
11/02 Mesa, AZ @ Mesa Amphitheater
11/03 San Luis Obispo, CA @ Cal Poly Event Center
11/04 San Jose, CA @ San Jose Event Center
11/05 Los Angeles, CA @ Universal Amphitheater
11/08 Minneapolis, MN @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium
11/10 Toronto, Ontario @ Maple Leaf Gardens
11/11 Montreal, Quebec @ Jerry Parc
11/12 Lowell, MA @ Tsongas Arena
11/13 New York, NY @ Roseland Ballroom
11/14 Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Park
11/16 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
11/18 Orlando, FL @ UCF Arena
11/19 Jacksonville, FL @ Riverview Music Shed
11/20, Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
12/04 Chicago, IL @ Twisted 6

Blink on "Shake, Rattle, and Roll"

Mark and Tom will be on a 4 hour CBS mini-series called "Shake, Rattle, and Roll." They play 60's Californian surf musicians, Jan and Dean and do a song called "Dead Man's Curve." There apperance is a bit part. Which is less than "American Pie" but a little more than Tom's appearance in Idle Hands. The mini-series starts on November 7th and will conclude the following Wednesday, the 10th.

Also plans are already under way to release a soundtrack from the mini-series. CBS wants to release the soundtrack before the film to build up hype. A CBS represenative had this to say, "We're really hoping that this can match or surpass the level of success that came with the 70's mini-series. The soundtrack sold well and the mini-series got great ratings. We think this is on the same level, and people will want to check it out."

The mini-series is loosely based on American Rock music and how it progressed aswell as romance betweeen a young couple, and is set in 1955 to 1963. Featured will be some of the era's most beloved songs, performed on camera and musically, by many top recording personalities. Original music, performed by The Harleys, include songs from Bob Dylan, Carole King, Graham Nash, contemporary Grammy-winning artist Sheryl Crow, BB King, Dicky Barrett and more.

(Patrick Langlois & Tarryn Reporting)


The latest SPIN magazine (November 99: Tori Amos Cover) features a 4-page article on Blink. The article talks how the punk scene is ashamed by the band. Go out and pick the issue up when it becomes available. Also in the magazine on page 79 is an ad for Shake, Rattle, & Roll that includes a picture of Mark and Tom.


A clean version of "Enema of the State" will be released on October 5th. Look for it in your local K-Mar, Wal Mart, and other 'family' store.

Billboard Charts: October 2

Enema of the State is dropping fast on the 200 Album chart, as it's now down to #37.
What's My Age Again is #2 on the Modern Rock Charts, behind only the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is the highest position for the single, and it was #2 last week aswell. However, there is a new batch of big band's releasing songs (311, Live, Foo Fighters, Creed, Bush, Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Limp Bizkit) and that is probably going to knock it down very soon. It will probably take a while for "All the Small Things" to chart, as it's still just in the stage of getting added to station's rotations.

Idle Hands on Video

Idle Hands will be hitting video on August 31. The horror-comedy features a very brief cameo by Tom. When the lead character goes into the Burger Jungle, he takes over for Tom at the drive thru window. Blink was also on the soundtrack, but none of their music is in the film. The films really good, so you should check it out, even though Tom is in it for less than 5 seconds and only says 1 word.

New Video: All The Small Things

The video made it's debut on MTV's Making the Video on September 20, and is now in heavy rotation. The video makes fun of the Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Britney Spears, Christina Alguiera, and many, many more.

Enema GOLD

Enema of the State was certified GOLD by the RIAA on July 12, 1999. That means that 500,000 copies of the album have been shipped. Not bad for less than 6 weeks of release, as it took Dude Ranch almost a year to reach GOLD status.

Alternative Press

AP #134 (September 1999) features an article on Blink. Trent Reznor of nin is on the cover. There's a picture of the band, with Mark playing with his nipples. The article is here:
Five years ago, any punk band who hired a full-time publicist or us terms like "market share" and "crossover" in regular conversation would have been verbally humiliated and then had their asses used for planters.

But there are different times, and Mark Hoppus, frontman for San Diego pop-punk brats Blink 182, couldn't be happier. Even though his band hit music-biz paydirt with the 1997 amphetamine biscuit Dude Ranch, Hoppus remains the same mixed-up twentynopthing he's always been. He's not concerned with cred-plice inspection every time he writes a song.

"Oh, there have been a couple kids here and there goin', 'You guys are sellouts,'" he says. "When we ask them why, they say, 'Cause you're on MTV. I saw you!' These guys watch MTV, and they're pissed of that we're on it? The (sellout complaints) are from idiots who don't get it. The whole punk-rock-elitism thing has gone away, and now people are more accepting of music as music, instead of as status."

Blink 182--Hoppus, guitarist Tom DeLonge and new drummer Travis Barker--have also grown up a little on their new MCA album, Enema of the State--the operative term in that sentence being "a little." The title's a poo joke; the nurse pictured on the cover is adult-film ###-catcher Janine; and the songs are tales of young-adult angst. Musically, however, the band have put many of the 200-mph singalongs that permeate Dude Ranch out to pasture, opting instead to emphasize arrangements, harmonies and melodic ideas. Hoppus say that the change was brought on by the band, and not by some suit at the label mooing about needing something for flaccid radio programmers to play.

"There's only so much you can do with (really fast music)," he says. "music has to stay fresh, and we want to progress. We didn't consciously sit down and say, "Okay, we're gonna write some slow, harmony-based songs.' And, to be honest, nobody from the label even came to the studio while we were recording."

Most of the situations depicted in Enema's lyrics are based on real-life experiences, like the hatred of jock-infested parties ("The Party Song"), girlfriend stealers ("Dysentery Gary") and plain ol' breakups ("Don't Leave ME). But for the record, unlike the ADD-addled character in Blink's new single, "Whats My Age Again," Hoppus has never turned on the TV while a date's tried to go down on him "That part was taking artistic license," Hoppus happily admits. "Most of this album is autobiographical, or the songs are about stuff that happens to friends of ours. We never call our friends out in interviews. But if they are ever at a show, we'll point them out in the crowd and say, "Okay, this song's about that guy."

Which explains why you only have two friends.

"Yeah." He laughs. "I have two friends, and they don't tell me what they do."

by Jason Pettigrew.


A documentry on punk and hardcore music called "Release" will be released on August 24th on Victory Records. The video will have some footage of Blink, aswell as Bad Religon, Less Than Jake, MxPx, HOmegrown, Face To Face, and more. Check it out. For more info check out Victory Website.

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Warped Tour Page

You have to check out the Warped Tour page. They have a lot of sound samples and live songs from Warped band including Blink. Go to the page and explore.

Warped Compilation

A Compilation of Warped Music 2 is out now on Side1Dummy Records. The compilation includes a live version of "Apple Shampoo." There is also a multimedia CDRom portion, but nothing with Blink on in that section. The album also contians unreleased songs from RiverFenix, Less Than Jake, aswell as songs by Unwritten Law and 19 other Warped bands (no sevendust).

Import Tracklistings

The What's My Age Again import contains Family Reunion aswell as live versions of "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" and "Mutt."

And the ENEMA OF THE STATE import contains bonus live tracks: "Untitled," "Pathetic," "Josie," and "Aliens Exist." Is it worth the $30 you'll end up paying?


Well this is old, but some people still ask me about it. "Family Reunion" the song will all the swearing is on the Fat Wreck Chord's compilation Short Music For Short People. The album has 101 thirty second songs.


As far as I know the lawsuit is still waiting to go to courts, or has been settled out of court. Kung Fu is sueing MCA and Cargo records for $1.1 million dollars over the rerelease of "Buddha." Kung Fu claims that while the band did complete their part of the deal by giving the masters, art, etc. to Kung Fu, MCA and Cargo got in the way, delaying the release of the album by a year.

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