Appendix 1
AIDS 10392, A Woman

All we know about this woman is her birth data, that she had AIDS, and that she was French.

The 7th Chart—One of the Charts Which Shows Susceptibility to AIDS
Unfortunately, we do not have any further word on the progression of this woman’s AIDS. She may be alive. She may be dead. I am sure the treatment has gotten better, thus extending life. But it is still probably rather expensive.

Astrodatabank software included a date that showed when the birth data came in—either when it was received, or when it was added to the databank. I presently use only the ADB on the Internet, and that does not include such a date. If we had that date, we would at least know by which date the woman was known to have AIDS.

AIDS 10392, A Woman (C)
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 7th House

Placidian House Cusps: c11—9Cap, c12—9Aqu, c2—4Tau, c3—27Tau b11—1Gem, b12—4Can, b2—24Leo, b3—21Vir

Set (1) above includes mars/saturn/neptune. It does not include c7 pluto, or C Asc, or c moon.

In Set (1), b7 mars rules B MC and co-rules (30 of 37°) b 4th house. B7 neptune co-rules (21 of 27°) b 8th house. It shows her susceptibility to siege conditions (mar/saturn/neptune, including autoimmune diseases) at the end of life (4th).

Set (1) lacks a light, but can gain one fairly easily, especially through a longer-term progressed sun.

Note that c saturn of Set (1) is progressing retrograde, so in time, it would join c mars. Note they are in c 4th house. Conjoined mars and saturn in the 4th house, from the viewpoint of the astrology for death, also makes her more vulnerable, though neither of these rules an Angle.

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