Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, "Chariji", picture from the back cover of his book, Heart Speak, 2005

November 2008

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Addendum to
Gurus: Astrological Charts Favoring Spiritual Accomplishment

In an earlier paper on highly successful Indian spiritual teachers—gurus—I showed that their spiritual success showed primarily in their 7th and 9th charts. Specifically, nearly all had light/venus/jupiter influencing an Angle, 4th, 5th, and 9th house (their “path” of influence). Light/venus/jupiter could be the result either of light/venus + light/jupiter, or could be in a golden benefic, a situation in which the light, venus, and jupiter are all in the same set, with the conjunction or square of venus to jupiter comprising its possible relations. I have seen the opposition of venus to jupiter in a few significators for gurus, but they always had another venus or jupiter in the set which was in square or conjunction to one of the first two. In the previous paper I noted that others houses, e.g., the 8th, may also be part of the path.

The explanation for how such sets influence spiritual achievement is in that main paper.

Paper on Gurus

In this paper I have examined the chart for the contemporary Master and head of Sahaj Marg, Chariji. Below are his results.

Before presenting Chariji’s astrology, I want to make a few statements about this astrological method.

This astrological method is not the traditional Western one. It is not traditional, period. True, it uses sidereal astrology, the predominant (traditional) astrology of the East. It also uses the Egyptian harmonic. Both are quite old. This method started with me in 1983. Its working rules were not inherited. They were uncovered gradually through years of research. As they were uncovered, a system which at first seemed too complex became almost too simple. Here are those rules:

Chart Rules

You can also profitably read:

About This Method

In the drawings below, I show partial charts for Chariji. Birth planets are inside the circle. They are written with blue ink; their harmonics, with green. Conception planets are outside the circle. They are written with red ink; their harmonics, with black. The numbered loops represent birth (blue) or conception (red) houses. Midheaven and Ascendant (MC and Asc respectively) for birth and conception are shown in the drawing. The remaining house cusps are shown below it.

Also below, b stands for birth, c stands for conception, and p for progressed.

Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House

Placidus: c11—28Sag, c12—27Cap, c2—5Ari, c3—5Tau b11—26Can, b12—27Leo, b2—28Lib, b3—27Sco

In Set (1) above, mercury rules B MC and B Asc. When mercury rules an Angle, it acts like a light. Here mercury rules two Angles. Set (1), then, is comprised of mercury (i.e., “light”)/venus/jupiter/uranus. It influences two Angles (B MC and B Asc. Jupiter rules b 4th house. Uranus rules co-rules (27 of 31°) b 5th house, and venus rules b 9th house. Set (1) is a golden benefic with influence to Angles, 4th, 5th, and 9th (and 8th) houses, just as was found in the charts of the other gurus.

Let’s take a look at his 9th chart.

We could take a look at his 9th chart except I have not included it here. Instead, we are going to take a look at his 3rd chart.

Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House

Placidus: c11—28Sag, c12—27Cap, c2—5Ari, c3—5Tau b11—26Can, b12—27Leo, b2—28Lib, b3—27Sco

Set (2) is a golden benefic with influence to two Angles (B MC and B Asc) and 4th, 5th, and 9th (and 8th) houses. C moon co-rules (27 of 29°) c 5th house. B mercury rules B MC and B Asc. The 4th influence comes through b mercury’s rulership of B MC, which is in c 4th house. B mercury also co-rules (26 of 29°) b 9th house. (C3 venus rules c 8th house.)

Set (2) involves venus/jupiter in the same set with two Angles and five lights. There are no malefics in the set.

Chariji departs from the majority of gurus shown in the other paper in that his golden benefic is in the 3rd chart, not the 9th. On the other hand, note that the path is exactly the same, that is, the path in both groups involved the 9th house.

In the other paper I found one other guru whose golden benefic indicating his spiritual success was in his 3rd chart rather than his 9th. That was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

I know of one other spiritual giant who had his golden benefic in his 3rd chart with a path that involved the 9th house. That was the inventive genius, Nikola Tesla. In describing his experience doing his work, Tesla stated he spent years in nearly continuous rapture..

The unmarked set comprised of venus, jupiter, and uranus in Leo also influences 4th, 5th, and 9th houses, but it lacks a light and an Angle ruler. It would come into prominence, for instance, when a progressing birth mercury (acting both as a light and an Angle ruler) joined the set. I did not look for dates.

The website for Sahaj Marg states that Chariji met his teacher, Babuji, in 1964. We are not given a more exact date. So, I will progress this, his 3rd chart, to the approximate midpoint of that year (7-1-1964) to see if that meeting shows up.

I will not write these all up. One significant progression was his b3 venus to 27 Sagittarius 10R conjoining c3 jupiter in Set (2) above. Their placement in Sagittarius, by itself, suggest great good fortune (venus conjunct jupiter) in 9th house matters (Sagittarius). He had progressed b mercury (double Angle ruler) at 8 Leo 44 conjunct pb3 jupiter at 8 Leo 29R. This shows additional jupiter (benevolent, fortunate) influence to both Angles. Since I did not have an exact date or place, I could not do transits or a return for the event.

I do not know exactly what difference—if any—it makes when a Master has his golden benefic in his 3rd instead of his 9th house. The fact that I have found several such instances suggest more are possible. The path in both cases is exactly the same. It is possible that other charts (e.g., 10th, 6th) can indicate a spiritually advanced individual as long as the path is the same In the case where the 3rd chart supplants the 9th, the path references the lower mind (3rd chart) up to the higher mind (9th house part of path).

Because Chariji’s golden benefic in his 3rd chart is multiply lighted and influences two Angles and is without malefics, it is very strong.

His becoming a voracious reader at a very young age is shown by his conjunction of moon, South Node, and MC in Gemini in Set (2). The North Node in Sagittarius conjunct moon and jupiter clearly implies his growth (NN) will be through 9th house (jupiter and Sagittarius) matters, that is, an emphasis on spirituality over the emphasis on collecting facts and serial learning (Gemini).

Star Flower, a rare 7-petaled flower
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

Data Acknowledgment
Letters following the name show Rodden rating for reliability of birth time. As memory serves me, (AA) means verified by birth record on hand, (A) means something similar but slightly less reliable, B means from a biography, C means reasonably okay but not from verified public records, (DD) stands for "dirty data," i.e., not at all verified or verifiable, therefore unreliable. :

Chariji (A)
Birth: 7/24/1927, 11:35 a.m. IST, Tanjavur, India (10N48, 79E09). From his student, XX, who obtained the data from one of Chariji’s books, XXX. Place of birth was given as Mayavaram, Kumbakonam, or Tanjavur. Latitude and Longitude for the latter two are 10N58, 79E23, and 10N48, 79E09, respectively, fairly near each other. I could not find Mayavaram in my atlas. Chariji’s website states he was born in the little village of Vayalur, near Chennai (Madras). Neither Vayalur nor Chennai were in my atlas. L & L for Madras is 13N05, 80E17. Madras is a fair distance from the first two places for which I had Latitude and Longitude. For the above chart I used Tanjavur—subject to correction.

Conception: 10/14/26, 4:24:33 p.m. IST, Tanjavur, India.

About This Method
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