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T M O D Returns!

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TMOD back in the business
Posted on 1-22-2003


What's up people?

Bet you never expected this. TMOD is back.

I don't really have a plan of action. But occasionally when something cool happens (...OK! ...when I get bored!) I'll update this site some more. It will probably never reach the greatness it once held as the best Real Audio music site on the net, but TMOD didn't start because of the music, and I'm not gonna let the lack of music end it. But if you do want to listen to music, you still can, cause TMOD is a radio DJ once again!

Listen Here! Tuesdays @ 1PM and Thursdays @ 3PM Central

PS. Sorry it's been like 19 months...if there's anyone left, spead the word. TMOD is back. In the meantine check out the links down below.

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