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     You decide to climb up the stair case.  The very first step crumbles out from under you,
but you are desperate to get out of this freakish plce that you are in, and you go on.  The
stairs wind upwards in a spiral, but soon comes to a dead end.  You stand there, looking around
and wondering what to do, when you hear hurried footsteps rushing towards you.  The sound of the
steps is something of a dry, scratch, THUMP!, scratch, THUMP!  You cringe to think of what might 
be coming for you.  Your heart begins to beat faster and faster in your chest as you frantically 
search for a way of escape.  The seconds seem to drag on forever, yet before you know it, you 
can see a hulking, spiked shadow growing bigger and bigger on the wall behind you.  Never being 
much of the hero type, you sit as far back in the corner as you can get and draw your knees up 
to your chest, hoping beyond all hope that whatever it is is friendly.

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