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Some of my favorite sites on the web:

The San Diego Zoo- play games, send postcards to your friends, or even adopt an animal.
Alien Influence Test (you should click on "map," then go to the dollhouse)
Are you a free thinker?- take this test to find out!
Jelly Belly Online- fill out the survey for a free sample of jelly beans.
PETA- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Vegan Outreach- a great site on veganism. (Go there! You may learn a lot!)
Death Clock- learn the exact date of your death.
Sign up for your own free web page at: Angelfire or Geocities
E!Online- find out all the latest gossip on your favorite celebrities
A Stephen King Web Page
Dream Lynx- submit your dreams and have people from all across the web analyze them.
Does God Exist?- an atheist web page with plenty of information and a great message
board to share your ideas with others, whether you be theist or atheist.
World Wide Fund for Nature
College Entrance Exam--Football Player Version- a humorous test.
Online Interactive Fiction- a place where you can actually play those Zork adventure games on the internet.