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.KiSSes from the drawing board.

.KiSSes from the drawing board.

Here are some dolls I've had in the works for some
time. However, most of these are postponed due to the
sudden demise of my tablet pen, and my uncoopertative
mouse. I'll update here as frequently as possible,
but there's no telling when these will be finished.

70% Done

A little J.K. Rowling inspired doll. She's really uber cute, and has a TON of FKiSS animation. Not much in the way of a wardrobe, but you can only make so many wizard-type robes and dresses before they start looking the same. Yay! Rick said he would code Persephone for me! He's wondermous! HEARTS

.chastity delyte.
25% Done

One of Laylah's loverly characters that she's had forever, and she begged and begged me to make a KiSS of. Also, a primarily "adult" doll. Lots and lots of animation frames. I'm planning on her to be more of an interactive game than a wardrobe doll. And get this, her wardrobe's all in pink and white. Surprise! Maybe I can get away from this whole "Goth KiSS Artist" image I seem to have cultivated. I hope to release her, at least in a beta form, some time around Valentine's day, then maybe have an expansion that includes palette swapped items and maybe other goodies if I think of something.

6% Done

Well, I finally managed to give her a name. She's still a cosplay doll, tho somehow I convinced Rick to make stuff for her. He works too hard. She only has fifty million hairstyles and not a whole lot of clothes. I plan on releasing a beta of what I have so far in the form of a Dorothy tribute sometime.

5% Done

Another doll that's BARELY started. I have all KINDS of things in mind for her, and I'm not real sure how to implement them. Poseable arms. Moving eyes. Color-cycling skin tones. Satori = Glutton for Punishment. Question: How many ways can you draw a black vinyl bondage harness and manage to keep it sleeveless because you're too lazy to draw moving sleeves? Answer: Not very many. Cloven feet are hard to draw shoes for. Dunno when this one'll be done, kids.

.in the making.

I threw out the boy base, mostly because I couldn't think of a damn thing to do with it. I've completely finished Naomi's base doll and gotten a few outlines of stuff, but hell if I know when I'll be done. The coloring on this doll took HOURS.

.karalinn remodeled.
A complete remake of Karalinn, who is my claim to fame. Don't get too excited, tho, as I only have a base doll, and no time to work on much else. I have a few other remake dolls on the back burner as well (Anisa, Arika), more than likely one of those will be out before this one even begins to look like it's done. Yes, she's dark-skinned. That is how I draw her now. I think it's beateous. So there.

A much adored little ghost girl character from an as yet un-drawn/mapped out/planned story. A very very very CYOOT little girl who switches from ghost to human.