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What? Leaving me already?
Well, if you must, check out these other sites!

The Big KiSS Page

THE source for KiSS Dolls on the WWW. Most of my stuff is posted here, as well as THOUSANDS (yes, thousands) of other dolls. Plus there's KiSS veiwers, and info and tools so you can make your own dolls if you haven't already.

Glyndon's KiSS Page

Lovings! One of my favorite artists. Her "Gothic" themed work is gorgeous. If you don't have any of her dolls, you MUST download them.
Also check out her other two pages: The Erotic KiSS Page and Glyndon's Adult KiSS

The Nakama KiSS Group

Even I had to start somewhere.^_^ The Very Nice people at this organization helped my get my start in the world of KiSS. I recommend them to anyone who is interested in making KiSS dolls.

Rick Cramer's site. Not just his AMAZING and fantabulous KiSS sets, his art and his stories, and other crazy go nuts fun stuff. He's a great guy, and one of the ONLY talented male KiSS artists out there.


The not-nearly-worshipped-enough Starfire. ^_^ She makes beatueous stuff. It's primarily Sailor Moon themed, but it's so pretty and full of detail that I'm too busy drooling to notice.