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Princess Fireball/Kakyuu-hime

"In the name of hope and love, darkness will never reign over light. I will forever protect the cosmos from evil, so that even the darkest of hearts shall not overcome the Eternal Guardians of Justice!"

~Name: Princess Fireball
~Japanese Name: Kakyuu-hime (kack-yoo hee-may)
~Meaning: Princess Fireball
~Birthday: unknown
~Favorite color: red
~Responsibilities: Ruler of the planet Kinmokusei
~Strong Points: Big heart
~Has Trouble With: Battle, isn't very powerful
~Symbol: Olive Flower

Princess Kakyuu's story is very confusing, and in order to understand it fully you must know both the manga and anime version. I try to prevent from doing this, but I'm sure it will make more sense in the end.


Kakyuu was the ruler of her home planet, Kinmokusei. She and the 3 Sailor Ster Lights worked together to keep the planet happy and prosperous. But Sailor Galaxia came to their planet, searching for the star seeds. Many lives were lost, and Kakyuu fled to Earth, searching for refuge. Shortly after, the 3 Star Lights followed her to Earth and began searching for her there. They diguised themselves as hot guys(well, that was their motive, anyway) so they could attract her to them. They also were searching for the smell of Olives, for that was a sign of her presence.

Kakyuu came to Earth to seek refuge and to find the Light of Hope. Kakyuu's loyal body guards, the Sailor Star Lights, followed her to Earth. The 3 lights disguised themselves as men.

Kakyuu was hiding out in an incence burner that happened to be in the possesion of little Chibi Chibi. Kakyuu would watch over Chibi Chibi and the Star Lights by taking on the form of a butterfly. Kakyuu was searching for the light of hope, Sailor Galaxia's Star seed (later it is revealed that it's Chibi Chibi herself), for she knew if she found it the universe would be happy again.

Chibi Chibi carried the incence burned that housed Kakyuu.

Kakyuu made her first appearence in the anime when Sailor Lead Crow attacked Serena and tried to steal her star seed. Chibi Chibi then released Kakyuu from the insence burner and Kakyuu saved Serena.

Chibi Chibi released Kakyuu from the insence burner. Kakyuu saved Serena.

The 3 Lights were so happy to see her, but were dissapointed when she told them that they had to join with her and beat Sailor Galaxia. They knew it was too dangerous. Kakuu stood up to Galaxia for a while, but she doen't have much power. Galaxia killed Kakyuu by taking her star seed.

Galaxia killed Kakyuu by taking her star seed.

Kakyuu came back to life when Sailor Moon turned Galaxia good again. She and the 3 lights then returned to their home planet.


In the manga, Kakyuu's Story is more developed. Her planet was attacked by Galaxia and Chaos, like the anime, and her lover was killed right before her eyes. She fled to Earth, followed by her 3 guardians. On the way they got separated, and the Lights began to look for their princess. Since Kakyuu smelled like an Olive flower (that's what the symbol on her forehead is), they disguised themselves as men, because it's said men have a better sense of smell than women (oh really...)

Kakyuu fled to Earth just like in the anime.

Kakyuu was hiding in the same insence burner Chibi Chibi has, as in the anime. The 3 lights found it and tried to take it from Chibi Chibi, and that's when Kakyuu appeared. Then Kakyuu guides Eternal Sailor Moon to the Galaxy Cauldron, where Galaxia is. The 3 lights get killed on the way. At the end of the journey, Kakyuu reveals that she too is a senshi, Sailor Fireball!! Sailor Chi, one of Galaxia's henchpeople, quickly killed Kakyuu by stabbing her through the back. Eternal Sailor Moon then avenged Kakyuu's death by killing Chi.

Kakyuu was revealed to be Sailor Fireball! Fireball was killed by Sailor Chi (pretty gross, huh?).

The most confusing thing about Kakyuu is simply that people get the anime and manga story lines mixed up. I hope this straightened it out. Below are the powers that Kakyuu used as Sailor Fireball.


"Kinmoku Star Power, Make Up!"
Kakyuu says this to transform into Sailor Fireball.


Name Thumbnail What it does
Starlights Royal Straight Flush!
Sailor Fireball takes a deck on cards and cuts it in half, taking one half in each hand. She then throws the cars at the enemy, and they explode.
Kinmoku Fusion Tempest!
Sailor Fireball gathers a bunch of power in her hands and holds it above her head. Butterflies surround her as she blasts the power toward the enemy.

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