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These are the things to make you proud to be a Marine

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Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire/sd/MarineSgt. Glad you found the time to visit. In the near future i will be adding images and pictures of my time in the Marine Corp. Maybe this will give young Marines the motivation to be one of the Few the Proud. To all my young Men and Women going to basic training or to those of you who are thinking about joining. It's a change for life.

My name is Sgt Huxford and i will be your instructor for this period. I graduated from Lansing Everett H.S. I spent 12 years in the Marine Corp. Enlisted in 1981 and departed in 1992. I served from Okinawa,Japan to Korea and also places like Hawaii, Camp pendelton,CA and to Cherry point, N.C. This web site is something i wanted to do to help turn boys and girls into Marines. As of now i have relocated back to South Dakota.

If at any time you would like to drop me a line, my email address will be posted at the bottom of the page. Again remember being a Marine, you are part of a elite group of young men and women. Another week gone by and thanks to the ones that have signed my guest book and left some ideas what to add to this site. I have added a few changes and also some pictures.

To all the Marines serving to FREE Iraq, God bless you all and we are all Proud of all of you.

Feel free to visit my companies web site Bennett Trucking Inc
Semper fi

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