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Lion Studios and CD Mastering
The warm home of analogue sound in Singapore
115B Commonwealth Drive #02-00
Singapore 149597
Tel. (65) 64734677  Mobile 82353733  Fax: (65) 64741273

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The Console and main Studio at Lion Studios, Singapore. Picture 1999 Paul Russell
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  • Professional audio recording & digital mastering.
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Established in 1980, Lion Studios is one of the few studios in South East Asia that, while being one of the first studios in the region to embrace digital technology in 1985, has also chosen to retain it's analogue capabilities. With producers and artists worldwide "re-discovering" the sonic advantages of tracking on analogue, this enables us to give bands that authentic fat, warm sound that is impossible to obtain when working purely in the digital domain. The large studio area, complete with grand piano, isolated drum booth, live area and percussion area, is ideal for bands that want to capture a 'live' feel. We also offer CD pre-mastering facilities and our fully equipped digital editing suite is able to handle multiple file formats with sampling frequencies of up to 192kHz.

Lion Studios is a Gold Award Winning Disc Makers Pro Studio Partner

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  • Studio accommodates up to 70 persons.
  • Jeff Cooper designed acoustics.
  • "Live"
  • MIDI
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Classical

More About Lion Studios

Lion Studios was set-up by PolyGram Records in 1980 to serve the needs of the company's regional production projects. For PolyGram we have worked with artists such as Teresa Teng, Alan Tam (Hong Kong), Tracy Huang (Singapore/Taiwan), "Search", "Headwind", M. Nasir (Malaysia), Sho Jo Tai (Japan), ...and many more.

In 1990 the studio went independent. We established our Mastering Suite. And we expanded our client base to include artists from all major labels, from around the region,....and around the world.

Today, artists and producers come to us not only from Singapore, but also from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Australia, as well as from Europe and the USA.

With acoustics by world renowned studio designer Jeff Cooper, our Studio 1 has gained a world wide reputation as a first class 'live' recording facility ideal for Rock & Pop, 'live' acoustic Jazz and small Classical combinations.

As well as the artists listed above, our studios have hosted Jazz stalwarts Charlie Haden, Al Foster, Emily Saxe, Grammy award winners Ernie Watts & Bob James, Greg Chako & Ernie Ranglin (both guitarists) from the USA. as well as vocalist Yvonne Walter & Baritone Saxophonist Pim Dijkstra from Europe and pianist Bubi Chen from Indonesia. Among the many "Classical" music artists who have put their trust in us over the years are Swiss composer Heinrich Schweizer, Singapore based composer conductor & educator Dr Robert Casteels, The National Youth Orchestra of Singapore, The Symphonic Wind Orchestra, The New Festival Orchestra, concert pianist Tedd Joselson, Guitarists Hucky Eichelmann and Guiliano Belotti, and the Singapore combination known as "Emis IV". Not to forget Singapore's own piano prodigy Clare Yeo.

Local, Singapore, productions include the Sound Track for the 1998 movie "Forever Fever", as well as albums for many local Singapore groups including "The Sugarflies", "Lilac Saints", "Humpback Oak", "White Eagle", "Cosmic Spiders", and "Heritage" amongst others.

Our Mastering Room is renowned throughout the region with productions coming to us for that final polish from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia & of course Singapore. Projects entrusted to us include albums by "Funk Section" & "Andre Hehanusa" (Indonesia), "Nittaya" (Thailand) as well as "Kit Chan" from Singapore.


Tel. (65) 64734677     Mobile 82353733     Fax: (65) 64741273

  • International Client base.
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