this saturday, july 22, was my sister's wedding. its hard to believe jessica is married now. she still doesn't know if she is going to change her name or not, but they are leaving tomorrow for their honeymoon.
chas went to the wedding with me. in the beginning of the night, i was bored and just sat around and talked to people, mainly because i was so beyond tired and i was so hot, that i couldn't move...and didn't want to either. so i sat around. then i conned my dad into buying me a drink, vodka and cranberry juice, and by that time it was cooler, so rick, leroy, jessica, jake, and i all went out dancing. we had a blast. by the time the night was over, i had had three of those and danced like britney spears (not because i was drunk, but i was having fun).
well, rick's wife was getting upset because we were dirty dancing, but so were jake and i, and for that fact, so were jessica and i, so why that matters, i don't know. but chas was getting upset because he "can't dance when i'm sober" so he was getting upset with me dancing. i don't know. jenny was still pissed the next day, but chas got over it.
well...the next day there was this lunch/present opening thing before we cleaned up the reception hall. rick was still in trouble, but rick, leroy, jessica, and i all had fun that day too. rick is the funniest guy that i know.
well, anyway...i was a little upset josie didn't come. she is my best friend and was invited, so i thought she might come along to see me, but she went to visit kevin in prison. oh well...i guess...since i am only her second best friend, it doesn't matter anyway...

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