my washington vacation

went to washington to visit/meet chas' parents. traveled there on a bus. 35 hours later we got there...after we rode on the bus with a psycho, a bitch and her three kids, and a bunch of uptight old people. it had to be the longest trip of my life. it honestly seemed longer than the whole time we were in washington! hehe
well, we get to tacoma, washington. chas tells me not to look at any of the cars too long as they go by, etc and so on...which is slightly frightening to this little south dakota farmgirl, ya know? call me a scaredy cat, but holy shit, tell me not to look at anyone for too long because they might shoot you, and i know my suitcase was like as close as it could be to me at all times...
anyway...about a half an hour late his mom comes to get us. i see his sister get out of his mom's pickup and i'm thinking "holy shit, she is short!" chas is 5'7", which is 2 inches shorter than me as it is, kenzie's like 5'1" or something. i come from the amazon family where the shortest one so far is as tall as his sister, and that's my 9 year old sister...his sister is 23. was odd
anyway, i got to meet greg, his business partner, and his fiancee heather. they were both pretty cool. his parents were awesome. i just don't think his sister likes me. she just gave that "you aren't good enough for my brother" vibe. oh well, i guess, if she doesn't like me...
anyway...we bring home freeway and fluffy, his cats. they are adorable, but slightly anti-social. i drive all the way through like montana. then he starts bugging me, so i pull over and tell him he's driving. (i wasn't driving "gwenny" good enough i guess...) oh well...i had fun.

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