son of a...

son of a ...
that's all i have to say about that. a lot has been happening lately and i am about ready to scream! boys are being stupid and so are girls. why can't boyfriends and friends ever seem to get along? and why is it that if boys get drunk, they have an excuse to send nasty emails and post ugly hateful things online about their girlfriends friends.
chas totally slammed josie on his webpage and it pisses me off more than you can believe. and then he is being very pissy and cranky all the time, and i don't know if i can handle it anymore without slapping him around a few times and saying "shut the fuck up and listen to me, you are buggin and i love you..."
chas cheated on me the girl pregnant, but i dealt. i cheated on him too, with mark, and he dealt, we were "even" in some sick way i suppose. but now he keeps thinking i am still/again. its buggin.
so, everyone that knows me well, email him and tell him to get a life, i'm not.

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