damn bikers

the rally is here. i hate bikers. i hate the traffic. i hate the dumb pedestrians that won't move for your car, yet get worried when you creep through the stop signs to get through the intersection that you are going to run them over. damn right i am going to hit your stupid ass. have some courtesy. really.
brandon got a tattoo, nick got his nipples pierced, and then brandon decided to get his tongue pierced. well, they did it wrong. but i guess, for 20 bucks, you can't expect too much. so it closed up on him after he spent 40 bucks total.
i want to get a tattoo for my birthday, can't afford one, and none of my friends will think of that as a gift. oh well, maybe someday i will be able to afford it. but by then, i won't have the nerve.
i should be getting ready for work right now, but i am on here and eating cereal. need a shower...etc. oh well, there's plenty of time.

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