new years resolutions...of sorts

well...i seem to always make them...and always break them...

so this year, i didn't make any at all! but i decided, as of yesterday, that i will start at least walking, but hopefully soon jogging, every day or at least every other day and working out. haven't decided me exact routine yet, possibly jogging every monday, wednesday, and friday and then working out tuesday and thursday with a combined effort saturday and then taking sunday off or if i should just do it all every other day or what. who knows...i'll decide later.
i just decided i needed to get into better shape and maybe lose some weight before this summer, so i can look good in a bikini, something that hasn't happened for some time now.
but wish me luck, everyone (not that a lot of people read this stuff, only one person i know of, actually) and i'll keep you posted!

ps...its almost better than sex

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