i'm in a mookie mood

ok, i apologize already, but i am in a mookie mood. just all of a sudden.
my great grandmother passed away sunday, december 3 and i was devastated. i mean, i knew it was coming soon, as she was 98 and ill, but when it did, i had that whole feeling of "that can't happen to her" come back to me. chas has been there for me 100% the whole time and that is what has put me in my mookie mood.
he has told me things this past week that he hasn't told anyone, and that makes me feel so wonderful. he held me as i cried and wiped away my tears. he just showed me in every way he could think of that he loved me and comforted me in such a way that is is almost unimaginable. and for all this...
i thank you...

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