he's what?? married!?!?
yeah, you heard it. the bastard is married! i was snooping the other morning, something i don't normally do, and found out that him and beth are still married. talk about shitty day...
we celebrate our one year anniversary on november 20th, last monday, and then tuesday morning, what do i find? he's still married.
he called that afternoon (after i had spent all morning crying my eyes out and bitching to my mom online and my sister on the phone) and i could barely talk to him without crying, but it was all i could do to not just yell at him at the top of my lungs and hang up on him. i wanted to leave. i wanted to leave him a note and be gone when he got home. make him come crawling to me. but i didn't. i waited until he got home. i wanted him to suffer like i did.
he gets home. he knew something was up from the phone call. i didn't tell him, i just told him something was wrong. he sped home and was home WAY early. he walks through the door with a scared look on his face. i'm on the phone with my sister. i say "he's here, i have to go" and get off the phone. he asks whats up and i hold up amazingly well. didn't cry or anything. i was SO proud of myself.
i asked him, "are you." and he was like "am i what?...seeing someone else? no..." and i couldn't help but laugh at him and then i dropped the bomb. "are you still married." deer caught in the headlights look. "yes."
the knife already through my heart just got kicked in there a bit harder and twisted. ouch.
well, he cried, i didn't, which i think maybe scared him or something, but i held up great!
anyway...the papers are coming certified mail tomorrow morning. by friday afternoon they should be sent out, back to washington. and then by next week, hopefully, he'll be divorced and then i can start planning a wedding.
i know a ton of you think i'm crazy for sticking with him, but i love the pig.

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