little bitch

is it just me or is he a little bitch?

ok...tonight...chas and i got in a fight...about sex of all things.
so then i call josie, just made matters worse i guess, but i needed her. he was asleep and i needed to talk to someone. my other best friend.
well, we are talking and she's mentioning her amazing orgasms with bill and i just simply said that i don't have that and he gets up out of bed and yells "well, i'm so sorry i'm not bill fucking superman and can't please you" etc and that made me cry as he goes out into the living room and sleeps on the couch. i didn't fail to yell back "well, i'm NOT coming out there after you" and then cried to josie.
right then i wanted to leave. wanted to cancel the wedding plans and just tell him to fuck himself. i hated him right then. still sort of do. i want to get drunk, but can't get anywhere to do so.
so is he the little bitch or am i?

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