dumb fucking bitch

a dumb fucking bitch. that is all she is to me.

josie got knocked up and can't be in my wedding anymore. my problem? not likely. she's making sound like it is. she is telling people that i said that if she was in it it would take away from me. i said that if she went into labor in the middle of my ceremony, then yeah, it would!!

do you blame me?

so she's not in it. i was going to have her sister, jill in it, but now she backed down because josie is a psycho bitch about it. the hormones of pregnancy do not make her a pleasant person to hang out with.

so i'm done. fuck her...who needs shit like that. i've dealt with her jealousy for years now and i'm sick of it.

she has the audacity to tell me that i am jealous of her because she is pregnant and i'm not. please. like i want to ruin my life by getting pregnant now. what girl would want to throw away her big wedding with the man of her dreams and a honeymoon at disneyland (its fun, what can i say) to have a baby? especially when you aren't even completely happy with the guy?

so anyway...i'm done with her shit. i'm upset that jill won't be in the wedding, but hopefully she'll still come. i've known her longer and the only reason i met josie is because she was a tag along to my birthday party with jill and my sister. otherwise, i would have never given her the time of day!

that's that. kenzie (my future sister in law) is going to be in my wedding instead of jill. oh well...

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