i guess i decided here that i needed a whole entire section to gripe about jason. i was just talking to him on aol instant messanger and i just sat there and kept getting more and more pissed off as i sat there. it was like 3:30 in the morning and all he could do is tell me that he wanted to be "friends that didn't hang out" and he had told me he wasn't a "phone person." so that means, we don't talk on the phone, we don't hang out, nothing. how is that being friends? i guess i am just a dumb girl and don't understand.
i know jason is going to look at this and i certainly hope he talks to me about it. i deleted his number out of my cell phone and told him not to worry, i lost his number. i want to be friends with him. but that is it anymore. and now i am not even so sure anymore because of the stunts he's pulled the past couple of nights. it just pisses me off, ya know?
ok, calling me drunk, that's fine. i don't care about that. getting pissy about me not coming over, got me a little upset, but i could deal. but saying "goodbye bitch" and then hanging up on me? well, that just isn't cool. i hate people hanging up on me. even being called a bitch is nothing in comparison, in my opinion.
well, jason, when you read this, i guess you will know. until we can "hang out" again...*sigh*...i just don't know. i thought we could be friends and deal with shit, but whatever. you're loss, not mine.

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