alright, i have bitched and moaned so much lately on here it isn't even funny. i just have had a lot on my mind and needed to vent. i apologize for any hurt feelings (except for one person) and hope anyone i mention in these entries won't get upset with me in the future or anytime here soon.
last night was the first night in a couple i hadn't been with my boyfriend. i got used to sleeping with him and cuddling with him, and so last night, at four in the morning, my parents finally told me to get to bed. i couldn't sleep. i need to be with my boyfriend as much as possible.
i am, as of now, out of a place to live live. i have places to stay, but for an actual house to live in? i have none. the worst part is that i am broke and without a job now too, so i am pretty much fucked! i have all my stuff (most of it anyway) in my car and it majorly weighs it down. chas wants me to get a place of my own, but i can't afford it now, so i am just kind of staying wherever i can. its depressing, really.
now, on top of all that, a friend and i are fighting and i don't want to even speak to him, another friend of mine always seems to make me upset with him when we talk just because of how he acts (chris), and the other one doesn't seem to have time for her little friends since her friend katie got back from vacation and she has a boyfriend. so its just chas that i have now, and he's working twelve hour shifts, so i never get to see him. and this weekend he is going to chester for a street dance with his friends (one lives there) and so there is just that much more time without him. i miss him all the time. *sigh* more later.

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