i am the heat! kidding!
i don't honestly think that. this one is for the heat outside. it is pissing me off, actually. i am getting so cranky because i am hot and tired and miserable.
anyway...i am just tired because of the heat and if i don't get enough sleep in a night, i get upset. i just get snappy. chas mentioned something about my mood swings on his page, well, i guess this whole thing isn't helping either...
this whole entry is just to vent about the heat and no air conditioning. it will probably be removed here soon, actually, just because. it was like 96 degrees today in sturgis with no breeze. i don't have air conditioning in my car or my house. it is miserable. i have worn as few clothes as possible to no avail. its still hotter than hell.
thanks for letting me vent. enjoy your a/c!!

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