we're all growing up so fast...

its so sad!! we're all growing up so fast!!

josie is getting married july 7, 2001. i am her maid of honor. i can't believe it. my lil jo jo is getting married!!
jill is dressing more sophisticated and i guess is getting all fancy in her dressing and the way she acts and presents herself. but i haven't seen her in months, so i haven't seen the new jill!
i'm even getting married. august 25, 2001. i can't believe that little old me is going to get married. that i found a guy that will put up with me and didn't get tired of me after a couple months, but loved me more!
jessica is married, baxter is in fifth grade, lori in fourth. baxter is 11 and 5'4. that's almost as tall as chas' mom!!
just found out that adam is going to be getting married in a couple years to steph. if he loves her, she must be a great girl, that's all i know. congrats dude!
damn...we're all getting old! growing up...
i'm gonna cry...

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