ok...this is the new version of this journal entry. the one i had before just straight up didn't make any sense. i will try to make sense with this one.
i stayed at chas' this weekend. from thursday night through sunday evening. (and right now i am losing my train of thought...grr) anyway...friday night i called josie and we decided we would go out for a while. i left chas a note saying we would be back around eight or so, but i called him at nine. well, him and josh were going to target, and i was planning on stopping at a friend's house anyway.
well, i went to brandon and brian's house (with josie) and we just sat over there for a while. josie had a couple beers and we talked. well, we got bored, so we decided to leave. josie and i were hungry so we went to wendy's and got some cheap food.
i went to josie's house, dropped her off and used her phone quick like. i called chas. he sounded pissed. anyway...i got there and him and josh were drunk. well...chas and i got into a little fight because of stupid things. i told him i didn't know if i wanted to go with him to seattle. he got upset about that...but i am scared to go there. i know no one...and it is a big place i have never been before. i am just a little down home country girl from western south dakota...its a big city full of people i don't know. i would know only him.
more later...

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