last night was the street dance in whitewood, sd. it is a small town just about seven miles from where i live, so me, josie, jill, jessica, amarae, mike, and my parents all went to the dance. josie, who is eighteen, was drinking in the car, because she couldn't at the dance, and we kept making treks back up to the car. well, during one of our lovely hikes, we ran into a friend and she said she knew where some people had some whiskey and that we should go over there. so we did, and josie drank almost a half a bottle of this stuff. i had no idea how much she had, but it was enough for her to take a big chew of copenhagen, so it was enough. but after eight and a half beers and a half a bottle of lord calvert, she was done.
but we made our way back down to the dance. she couldn't even stand up straight much less walk. jill came up to her and started yelling at her about how stupid she is and stuff, so josie started crying.
getting into the car was interesting. she almost fell into the bushes and then twisted her ankle getting into the car.
we finally get to leave whitewood, and the wohle way she has her window down and is going on about how drunk she is and how she didn't mean to get that drunk, etc. i just finally told her to shut up or the cops were going to hear her and keep an eye on us, etc. but she was drunk, and didn't listen. you think this is where i say "she got caught..got a minor...etc." well, nope...we didn't get caught...i don't know how thought either. just listen to the rest of the story.
we were driving along and josie stuck her head out the window. initially it was to just get some fresh air, but that just made her throw up. she puked all down the side of the car and even got inside. i, luckily, got some of it too. yay!
anyway...we pulled over and she practically was crying because she puked all over her sisters car...but i promised i would rinse it off. i asked her if she had any money on her and she didn't, so scrounged up $1.50 to wash the car off...i wish i would have had more to get an air freshener or something because it reeked in the car!
well...on the way home we had to stop like three more times so she could throw up. finally, at our last stop, it was just dry heaves, so we could make it to her house. i am not one to deal with vomit very well, but i never felt nauseous by her vomiting. anyway...we made it home and she tried to call her ex boyfriend (who dumped her on the answering machine of all places) to no avail. she called her friend katie, who i had to talk to because she was crying and wasn't understandable. well, eventually katie came over and josie was going on about how i was her second best friend and katie was so wonderful to her and all this. i told josie's uncle brad later that if i had my car i would have left because i got her there in once piece and she had her "real friend" so she didn't need me anymore.
well, katie brought over some guy that was visiting her from california. josie was embarrassed by this. then one of her friends called her, but jill talked to him more than josie, and then she passed out over the toilet. her brother jake kicked her back against the wall and then we helped her into her room. i took her pants off for her and her socks and then covered her up.
jill, brad, jake, and i went to windmill to eat at around three or so in the morning. by the time we got home, it was four thirty. jill went to bed. jake, brad and i were going to sit up and watch the bone collector, but jake fell asleep right away and then brad left to get a soda and then came back, grabbed his cigarettes and left. so i was up until six or six thirty watching that movie and then before i knew it, josie's mom, mary, was up and she looked at me and goes "you're still up??" what a night...

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