more about chas

well, he might kill me, but i am going to talk about it on here anyway and if he doesn't like it, it can be removed as easily as it was put on here.
he is talking about looking for rings. i am happy/excited. i found some while browsing with josie that i fell in love with, put them on, and then felt wierd. i mean, i have gone into places before doing the same thing, but it wasn't like so...i dunno...serious then. this time its for real, ya know? and it was odd seeing this diamond ring on my finger.
we were also talking about kids the other night, and i want a couple someday. but he told me that i have to get a degree first, which i understand, and then if i wanted i could work for a while. but once i had a baby, i couldn't work until the kid was school aged. "being a mother is a full time job." and it is, but i wouldn't feel right not working.
anyway...had to get that off my chest and i guess let the whole world know...hehe...

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