Boy Dilemma

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i don't really know what all to say. i have this wonderful boyfriend and i love him so much that i can't stand the thought of ever losing him. all of my friends are guys because i think girls suck. my mother hates the fact that i hang out with all guys and so does chas, but if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't have friends here, except josie, but i don't like a lot of the people she hangs out with, and that pisses her off, so we fight a lot.
i guess i should explain a few things first. i have been dating chas for almost 8 months and i love him more than anything else. josie and i have been friends since like seventh grade and i love her so much too, but we get on each other's nerves a lot. we were going to get a place together, just until we could afford our own mostly, i think, but we spent a week or so together and decided we better not do that because we annoy each other!
anyway...that is where the whole josie/chas/emily thing is. really? nowhere!
i want to express my true whole-hearted feelings to chas, but i know that he is committment scared, so i don't. i hold back. i want to tell him so much, but he is scared and would be of what i really had to say. (i am way giving it all away right now, but that is what this is for, right? to express feelings)
chas recently asked me to move with him back to seattle when he goes, and i want to go so bad so i can be with him. but i don't want to leave all my friends and family. my mom told me today (after i had been away for two days) that they had missed me so much and hated it when i was gone. how could they deal with me across the country?
and then there is my "friend" jason, who was one of the nicest guys i knew until the other night when he called me drunk off his ass and was pissy because i wasn't going to go over there and party with him and ditch chas. now, he is being a dick and is saying that we can be "friends that don't hang out." isn't that not being friends? i mean really? get real jason.
let's see, who else can i gripe about? maybe i'll just wait and make it another entry later. i guess all i can say is...boys suck.