name: emily mae mcpherson
birthday: august 18, 1982
location: sturgis, sd
your zodiac sign: leo
nicknames: emmers, emmy, ahmy, "spoiled", princess
height: 5'9"
weight: 140
eye color: blue/green
hair color: strawberry/blonde
fav. song: teenage dirtbag by wheatus
fav. candy: umm...depends on my mood and what i am craving
fav. actor/actress: edward norton and sandra bullock
one pillow or two?: chas...or just one.
rose or lily?: rose unless it is a calla lily (this is way one of those hint questions!!)
do you have a boy/girl friend?: no, a fiancee
what school do you go to?:i graduated from sturgis high school in may of 2000

if you want to see and learn more about chas, go to his webpage

oh yeah, my icq number is 73542084.