i hate the damn military...
why must they take away my boyfriend? and for two weeks? how insensitive...they never even asked me if it was ok. what's worse? chas said that they mentioned something about three weeks and he was excited.
boys suck
anyway...he said that he'd call wednesday night (well, he left monday) and its wednesday and its like ten at night here, meaning eight there, and still no chas on the all. how rude...
chas' roommate josh hates me. i mean, he told this to chas who told me, even though he shouldn't have. i have been staying there, which i feel bad about since i don't pay rent there or anything, but i mean, if i could i would. oh well...if he wants me gone, then he'll have to help me convince chas and my family to let me move into brian's old room for cheap rent and live in that house.
sold yearlings today. i sold enough money to make this little poor girl happy. going shopping tomorrow. pretty stoked.
gonna go, brandon is going to call me and well, why the hell not...chas doesn't, why should i not let other people?!?!

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