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 Mullet Spotting

 Here are the results of various of me and my friends going out mullet hunting, together with some other mullet spotting expeditions that fellow mullet chasers have sent me.  If you have any mullet spotting snaps of your own, send them in and I'll post them here.

Steve (that's me, front), Marc (left) and Craig (right) spot a particularly tasteless curly mullet

Will chases a quality effort walking through New York New York hotel on our travels to Las Vegas.

A more subtle spot from Corpie, again in New York New York.

We caught this bald specimen walking down the street whilst on holiday in Gran Canaria.

This mullet /tache combo was snapped by
Keith Lewis in his local chinese restaurant.

This photo was sent to me by fellow mullet spotter G. Harper

This albino mullet specimen was snapped by 
Craig Borrell in Hollywood.

This is a picture of Byron Down, sent by himself.  He claims to have cut the mullet 
off since, but we are not so sure.

Chris (left), Marc and Craig spot the rare breed of a bespectacled mullet/moustache combination.

This is a good tip for future mullet spotters; tell the subject that they look remarkably like your dad, and ask if you can have a picture taken with them.  Then you can point and laugh at their mullet with no fear of repercussion.

This mullet/goatie combo was caught by my mum outside the Monte Carlo hotel in Las Vegas.

Sam caught this beauty, again in Gran Canaria, out drinking in Harley's bar.  No idea who the angry looking bloke behind is though.

Mullet giving the bird
, sent in by Alpesh Patel.  Note the excellent use of the basin hairstyle combined with the goatie beard.  Class.

A picture of Joe Latimer, sent to me by his "friend" Ty Deschaine.  Apparently Joe claims that his mullet is still in style, and he will die with his mullet.  Die of embarrassment maybe...