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 Sporting Mullets

Byung Ji Kim
South Korean Keeper Mullet

Steve "The Adonis" Beaton
Champion Darts Mullet

Marco Etcheverry
Swarthy DC United Mulleteer

"The Ultimate Warrior"
Ridiculous Wrestler Mullet
Chris Waddle
Brought the mullet to the masses
Tony Polster
Austrian Curly Mulleteer

Gerry Francis
Badger Mullet
Jaromir Jagr
Ice Hockey Mullet
Colin Hendry
Donkey McMullet

Andy Goram
Fatty McMullet
Harald Schumacher
Reckless German Keeper Mullet

Roberto Baggio
Even Italians have mullets

John Daly
Wild Thing Mullet
Randy Johnson
Baseball Mullet
Barry Venison

Rudi Voller
Rijkaard gobbed in his mullet

German Freund
Shit Clogger Mullet