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Dav's Wonderful World of the Mullet

For those of you who do not understand the concept of a mullet, take a look at the poor unfortunates below and and pay particular attention to their disastrous hair styles.

. . .. . .

That's right, my friends, behold the glory of the mullet; short at the sides, long at the back, and preferably spiked on top (though this is optional). The mullet has acquired universal acclaim for being quite possibly the most ridiculous haircut ever invented. The mullet should have died in the 80's, but this site holds acclaim to those who carry on its tradition into the new millenium. Here are some more mullets for your amusement.

. . .. . .

. . .

In honour of the mullet, and everything it stands for, we went out on Mullet patrol.

Click here to see the results.