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N.Massey, Ktb productions.

Ktb productions.

Last update October 2004.

Hi there! Welcome to the KTBproductions Website. As Ktbproductions I have been writing games, doing animation and goodness knows what! For the past 12 years (or so).

KTB productions, or to give it it's full name "Kamikaze Teddy-Bears Productions" was created as something "cool sounding" to release things to the world under. It was partly based on a character in a Spectrum magazine of the late 80's, early 90's [a teddybear called Kamikazi]. At the time, I thought the idea that there were Kamikazi teddybears running around was quite amusing, and it also sounded a little like the KGB... so I chose it as a name. Many years later, it has stuck. I am forever Ktbproductions. The red/yellow logo design came a little later.

This web-site aims to showcase as much work as I can find that I've done, that I still have backed-up on cassette/disk/Cd and make it available to the world so I can bask in their adoration; and maybe make money from the whole thing :-)

Enjoy the site.

N.Massey, October 2004