by Dr. Jan Pajak [With permission of Pajak 1989]

Resume of:

Treatise, 1984, ISBN 0-9597698-l-1
New Zealand

"A treatise on the Magnocraft - a space vehicle which represents a completely new approach to interstellar travel, has recently been published in New Zealand. The main achievements of this approach are:

(l). Not a single moving part is necessary, either for flight or maneuvering of this spacecraft. How important a break-through this is can be realized when we think of the production of all these thousands of cooperating parts contained in space vehicles to date, and when we consider the consequences of the failure to move any of these parts somewhere in space.

(2). The specifications for this spacecraft are at such an advanced level that it can not be compared with any device that man has built to date. The Magnocraft will possess: a speed of approximately 70,000 km per hour in the atmosphere, and close to the speed of light in free space; invisibility to radar and the naked eve; the ability to withstand any high pressure and temperature; the to fly in any environment, i.e. not only in air, water or free space, but also through solid matter (rocks, buildings, bunkers, etc.) and through melted media; the ability to oppose any weapon that our current military techniques may use against it; the capability to change into an explosive material and blast every piece of metal found in the range of its spinning, pulsating magnetic field.

(3). All the principles applied to the Magnocraft are based on our current level of knowledge, and no part of the theory of this spacecraft - including the device called an 'oscillatory chamber' which produces a pulsating magnetic field used as the means of propulsion - requires the discovery of any new tenet of physics or new phenomenon.
The above points make the Magnocraft a vehicle which is possible to be completed by a small country or even a large industrial corporation. When built, it will completely change every aspect of our lives - beginning in the political arena (promotion of a world leader), through social and economic transformation (opening unlimited cosmic resources for colonization and exploitation), and concluding with our style of living (replacing our stationary homes with moveable spacecraft).

The propulsion of the Magnocraft operates on the principle of an interaction between the vortex magnetic field produced by the craft itself and a terrestrial, solar or galactic magnetic field already existing in every point of the universe. The pulsating magnetic field providing this spacecraft with the propulsive forces is produced by the 'oscillatory chamber', a device which also applies completely new principles. The field is produced in it by an electric spark circulating around a perimeter of a cube formed from two oscillatory circuits with a spark gap. Such principles remove all the limitations which now hold back an increase of output in our present electromagnets, and will raise the strength of a produced field to a level sufficient for propelling a spacecraft.

The treatise contains: a complete description of the design of the Magnocraft; the principles of its operation; the background, mechanism and characteristics of the phenomena induced by this spacecraft; and the principles of operation and attributes of its propulsion device (i.e. oscillatory chamber).

The treatise consists of over 110 pages of descriptions plus 44 pages of illustrations. It is distributed in the form of a bound photo-copy, and can be obtained by anyone forwarding the cost of preparation, packaging and postage -at present $15 per copy for surface mailing. To order this treatise, please send this amount to:

Dr. Jan Pajak
P.O. Box 33250
Petone 6340
New Zealand