Megahertz-Meter Experiment

Top Left: The cathode of an electrolysis cell is also the inductive component of a tuned radio frequency circuit. Experments were run with nickel and light water; and palladium and heavy water. The heavy water was obtained from United Nuclear. Various cathodes were tired including nickel, palladium, stainless steel, and tungsten. The nickel and palladium wire was obtained from Surepure Chemetals Inc. The tungsten wire was a filament from an electron tube.

Top Right: The schematic


Bottom Left: The electronics drives an automobile spark coil. The output of the spark coil stimulates the radio frequency tank circuit.
Bottom Right: The 0 to 30 volt electrolysis power supply. This supply was built, some years ago, as a engineering class project.
Right Center: The oscilloscope trace was used to monitor the energy in the tuned RF tank circuit.

No anomalous energy was detected to date.