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Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.

- Jedi Master Yoda

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A historical timeline is now available for viewing. Timeline. The link to this Timeline page can also be found in the Temple Hall Of Knowledge section of JAA Internal Links page.

Nick- JAA Admin 4-4-04

Force Factor

I am proud to announce that the third edition of Force Factor is now accessible. Have fun reading.

Force Factor 3rd Edition

Nick- JAA Admin 3-30-04

The Force *Edited

*Also now there is a Sith Tech page to go with the Jedi Tech page. Sith Technology.

A new page on the Force has just been published on JAA. Click on the following link to visit the Force page, The Force, or you can find the link on the JAA Internal Links Page.

Nick- JAA Admin 3-29-04


Well most of the problems with the site are fixed. Another week and site operation should be near flawless. Just to interest some of you I have added one new page. Its a miscellaneous Jedi technology page which will be updated with more technology from time to time. You can find the link on our JAA Internal Links page under the weapon and technology heading or click this link... Jedi Technology.

Nick- JAA Admin 3-15-2004


Hey everyone. I am back and now working on the site again. I have not had time to look at JAA in a while. Now that I have time on my hands I figured I would start back up again and hopefully this time I will not have anything to stop more progress on JAA. Well first thing is first. I noticed there are a lot of kinks to be worked out in the site and that is what I am starting on. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out in a couple weeks and the site will be uniform throughout. Then I will try and get Force Factor issues out again along with more info pages. Thanks to those who have been keeping an interest in JAA. That is one reason why I am restarting construction. Thank you for your patronage ladies, gentlemen, and aliens alike.

Nick-JAA Administrator 3-3-2004

The Delay

Sorry for the delay on Force Factor issues. the next issue will be containing august and september editions. Also quote of the week has been down for a week or two, this I also realize. For the next week or two updates will be on a continueing delay. I am at college right now trying to set up my internet and entrance to the labs for personal use is somewhat hard. Once I get the internet set up to my room I should be able to return to work on the site. Please be patient for another week or two. Again I thank you for your patronage and interest in my site.

Nick 8/24/03


Now in the JAA Internal Links section a guide to vehicle industries is provided. Also the error with the Weapons and Technology links has been found and fixed.

Nick 7/16/03

Force Factor July

Force Factor July is now posted. Force Factor.

Nick 7/3/03

Force Factor

The first edition of Force Factor has now been added to the Jedi Academy Archives. Force Factor will be a monthly release of tabloid articles made by the fans. Please enjoy reading the new Star Wars Tabloid- Force Factor.

Nick 5/28/03

We're back

JAA Is finally being updated. School is almost over, graduation near, so I will have plenty of time to work on the site along with my partner in crime Aetherspite. We have completed a new page for easier navigation of the sites pages, JAA Internal Links. In the future any character pages etc. will be updated to this page rather than our home page. More Sith Character pages are in the works as I type. Also a special section will be added to our site. It will be called Force Factor. Force Factor will be a Star Wars based tabloid sort of like Earth's Globe, Sun, Enquirer, etc. Debate is still being made, however, on when the first edition will be released and whether or not to make it a monthly or weekly edition. Please send us your thoughts at JAA. Daily updated news reports will be coming shortly once updates are caught up. Also, for a short time, the message board will be down. We thank you for your patience and patronage.

Nick 5/13/03


Recent events have suspended work on JAA. Our internet connection was down recently and I was unable to modify the site. Plus other recent events have impeded JAA work. For the time being the news section will be down until further notice. However, work on other sections will be in progress. When completed, updates will be posted. Please visit in the future and look for notifications of news etc. Thanks for your patronage.

Nick and The JAA Staff
If anyone is interested in supplying and posting news on our site please contact us at JAA.

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Last Updated: April 4, 2004

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