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It poured when we were on line.

4 people don't fit in the back seat of a taxi...so i layed on their laps.


Pictures from waiting on line in the rain for the Strokes concert...

Waiting three hours on line

Julian pondering during the three hours

I dared Jomo to get his finger nails painted by these girls...he told me he would only if i asked them...and i did, much to his surprise, and well, there you go.

Finished product.


This picture was taken by hanging the camera from a screw in the side of the building. Camera tricks, gotta love 'em, eh?

I ate all of his fried chicken and drank all of his Kool-Aid. Even after i apologized, he still wanted to beat me.

We had to wait 40 minutes...we were hungry.

BLUE STEEL. Oh...Hansel is SO HOT right now.

Us At the table. Awesome blur effect going on.

DAN in mirror is closer than he appears!

Against Jomo's front door.

...I don't know...



Trying on sunglasses in Wal Mart.

Jules didn't want us taking his picture.

Neither did Yip.

Mohammad gladly posed for us, beef jerky and all.


Self explanitory, big monster will eat you, the usual.

Neat little picture taken by Giradin, inside the theatre.

Protecting Doc. I'm actually talking on an invisible walkie talkie, so use your imagination.

I had to sit next to this really annoying kid on the way to get food. My face says it all.

And this picture of Paul is here to scare people away.

The Jones Beach Rebellion.

Dan blowing in the wind.

Jomo in mirror is closer than he appears

Jomo changes "Diane" to "Diane is a bitch"

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Under the boarwalk...they were having some fun.

Dan in a hole.

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Relaxing in Pathmark.

I bet Edwin $5 to eat the whole thing of Sardines, and he asked me what they tasted like.

Prune juice...for fast effective relief.

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Click here to watch video!