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Go Bonkers Comedy Jam Road Show Scripts

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Fibber McGee and Molly
Casey at the Bat: recited and acted out.
Pippsi and the Tea Party
Skits: Flight of the Vultures, Seat Belt Prize, Before Eve Met Adam, Breakfast Attack
Lifeboat -- Monty Python
We Were Poor -- Monty Python
Blood Donor -- Monty Python
Crunchy Frog -- Monty Python

Kiss the Brown Bunny

Go Bonkers Song, Intermission Song
All About Shoestring Theater and Go Bonkers Comedy Jam

Actors! Learn more about Go Bonkers Comedy Jam and Shoestring Theater!

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We did 5 monthly shows, July through November 2003 at the Pfeiffer House, and now we perform every 4th Sunday at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. However, it is a shame to only perform a show once; we want to take the show on the road!

We have a very flexible show, as it is made up of short skits, plays, songs and contests, so we can put together any length show, and can select material appropriate for the audience. Our director, Jeannette Jaquish writes material and we also use skits from Monty Python, Calvin and Hobbes and Saturday Night Live. It is a witty, very upbeat show, and a little weird and silly.

We never do dirty jokes or swear words.

We bring our own lights: six 150 watt lights; and an electronic keyboard. We will bring in some simple, light-weight unfolding scenery for our backstage to hide our props and costume changes. We would like to use your chairs on stage rather than bring in our own.

For further information contact: Jeannette Jaquish
Shoestring Theater
1423 Louisedale Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46808
(260) 484-5946